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Spring 2014

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Diagnostic Marketing Services

When You Need Answers - Not Guesses

Geibel Marketing provides diagnostic marketing consulting services (with emphasis on market research, strategy, planning, messaging, programs and channels) to business owners and marketing executives.

Geibel Marketing supports our clients in the following:

  • To understand how your market is changing - helping you identify those changes and the impact of such changes as digital and social media, and new forms of competition
  • "I need to get my arms around my market, and cut down on the number of thisngs I'm guessing at" - client comment

    The Word of Mouth Marketing Association suggests 70% of companies expect to increase spend on social media - but sales uplift is not yet matching the investment.

    A recent Adobe study indicated that 64% of marketers expect their role to change in the next year

    A Gallop poll indicated that 62% of respondants stated that social media had "No impact" on their purchase decision.

  • To extract sucessful marketing messaging from your top sales wins, and help you adapt that messaging across various channels such as web, PR, video, case studies, sales enablement, etc.
  • A new study from Oracle Eloqua and LookBookHQ reveals that the average content asset gets repurposed 2-5 times and that content production is the biggest challenge

    Our initial reviews often find that it is not lack of content, but rather lack of messaging that is deficient. In other words, failure to help the prospect create the vision of a solution with your product or services, and further, failure distinguish from the competition.

    Many 'content marketers' are utilizing dated ideas from the advertising industry - substituting fluff for facts. The folllowing logic is typical:

    "As more and more companies engage in content marketing, the noise in search and social channels continues to grow. It is a cacophony, and rising above it — to make your content stand out from the crowd — requires greater cleverness and creativity."

    Years ago in the advertising industry, this was referred to as 'dynamite creativity' (think Mad Men.) In reality, your prospects don't need verbose story-telling "creativity" - they need solutions to business problems - that you can describe both quickly and effectively. Those narratives are best obtained from your top customers.

  • To help you align your sales and marketing by diagnosing and understanding your buyer’s journey - and the key competitive messaging at various points in that journey
  • The same Oracle study indicated 46% of marketers are using progressive profiling to build a better picture of their prospects.

    The Adobe study indicated that 69% of marketers agree on the need to embrace “hyper personalization” (i.e., using data to provide the right products, services and content at the right time).

To be sure, these studies merely confirm the trends that we have been helping clients with for years.

Our Sales Autopsy SM methodology is used to identify buyer personas, and more importantly, the buyer's journey - before these terms were even used. To this day it remains our core diagnostic technique. It uses the framework of the industry-standard Solution Selling® sales methodology to quickly pinpoint key prospect pain, competitive messaging and information needs. We have found that for marketing programs - the lack of an underlying sales methodolgy framework essentially renders the marketing ineffective.

Starting with the diagnostic development of core messaging which addresses the buyer’s journey, your sales process and your key marketing messages (which include case studies, applications, etc.) we also repurpose across all marketing channels - public relations (we are accredited and have won awards), video direction (we produce an award-winning cablecast show), web, qualitative and quantitative surveys (such as Survey Monkey®) and other marketing tools, we help you meet your challenges in effective marketing. That is, marketing that helps generate revenue (supports your sales process.)

The world is constantly changing, and marketing perhaps even moreso. Your marketing efforts can subtletly become less effective with new competition, or changing customer concerns. In other words, your marketing can become out of date without you noticing it. One of the services we offer is a stand-alone diagnostic review which looks for these factors and gives you an update on your current market conditions and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

If these marketing challenges are similar to those that you face, we would invite you to contact us for an exploratory discussion, We can share some ideas with you on how we solved these problems for our clients, and how we might help you.

Need to get your arms around your market? Need facts and information, not guesswork?

Contact us for an introductory discussion. We look forward to hearing from you.

We invite you to peruse this website and our many articles. Feel free to contact us for additional commentary on a topic of your interest. We encourage media inquiries.

Jeffrey Geibel, Principal

Accredited in Public Relations
Leadership in Engineering and Environmental Design - Accredited Professional - Building Design + Construction
Certificated Flight Instructor - Instrument

Tel: +1-617-484-8285 (-5 GMT)


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The Sales Autopsy SM
What is the key sales and marketing messaging you can extract from a successful sale - that will attract more sales prospects? Find out with the Sales AutopsySM - a step-by-step diagnostic technique to isolate the success factors hidden in your successful sales.

Read what existing clients say about us and see the results we have helped them achieve.

Can an 'Expert Buyer' Control the Sales Conversation?
Maybe - Maybe Not

If your products and marketplace have on-going changes due to technology and other issues - there's no reason that the professional sales force, which is the tip of the spear, can't maintain an informational advantage and re-engineer the buyer’s vision. Admittedly, not as easy as it once was.
But neither is it impossible.

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