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Do You Anticipate Changes in the Market - and Plan for Them?

When You Need Answers - Not Guesses

We work with BtoB clients to help them anticipate and plan for changes in their markets. The key process for this is marketing diagnostics - that is, understanding how their current best customers make their buying decisions (buyer’s journey) in the competitive environment. This knowledge will identify the key characteristics of sales prospects that are similar to your top customers - and help develop messaging and marketing programs to reach your next generation of customers.

We develop insights based on the concepts of solution selling, coupled with a customer orientation and their perspective of the marketing environment. We add to this a deep understanding of how customer decision making can be influenced by the messaging in the marketing channels. We also have an orientation toward the marketing of technology - a perspective that is often missing.

Our digital research and qualitative research discussions with your customer-facing staff and customer decision makers will yield actionable insights and recommendations - and coupled with our decades of experience - a framework for implementation. We also offer strategic implementation via planning and program advisories and core-content generation (marketing programs and research, public relations and video) and can assist other service providers with program implementation (agencies and others.)

In other words - answers - from your best customers - to the three most critical marketing questions:

  • How and why do your best customers decide to buy from you?
  • Why do they remain your customers?
  • What would cause them to leave? (disruptive events)

The buyer’s journey is your direct connection to revenue. By understanding how and why your customers make their buying decisions you can influence those decisions. This becomes the blueprint of an effective marketing program (or cross-check of your current program).

In summary, our approach is a combination of both the strategic and tactical viewpoints - from both the customer's perspective and yours.

Two remarks we often hear (from both clients and their customers) that indicate the effectiveness of our approach are:

“I never looked at the issue that way before”, and

“No one ever asked me that question before.”

Here are a few examples form our client files:
  • A major national roofing supplies manufacturer wanted to know how to increase market share in high-growth Southwestern states. The major influencer in the purchase decision was not what was expected.
  • A client wanted to develop an international construction estimating factor - only one problem - none existed. We were asked to do the international research but developed a better approach in interviewing the US-based major construction firms about international projects. Their process is proprietary, but we also found the closest process used internationally from another source - one that was unexpected.
  • In investigating the impact of sustainablity specifications in facilities construction - we encountered some interesting messaging that made the case for long-term ROI in specifing LEED-type materials (generally more expensive.) Considering that US colleges face a $40 billion backlog in deferred maintenance - this kind of messaging would hit home.

For additional examples - be sure to check our Industry Experience page.

If you face marketing challenges to understand your customers buyer's journey and how to reach them, we would invite you to contact us for an exploratory discussion. We can share some ideas with you on how we have solved similar problems for our clients, and how marketing diagnostics might help you.

Need to get your arms around your customers, prospects and market? Need facts and information, not guesswork?

Contact us for an introductory discussion. We look forward to hearing from you. Be sure to click on the Client Services tab below for additional information.

We invite you to peruse this website and our many articles. Feel free to contact us for additional commentary on a topic of your interest. We encourage media inquiries.

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Leadership in Engineering and Environmental Design - Accredited Professional
Certificated Flight Instructor - Instrument

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